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I’m a Seattle-based photographer, nature and creature enthusiast, sports fan, and a generally curious person. I enjoy capturing images of my world and the people in it; I find it a great way to learn more about people and my environment. I have learned that sometimes the best images are right in front of you; one just has to look and be ready.

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Fun Family Session

A recap of a family portrait session, with some pretty cool people! 




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Dawn Fishing and the North Jetty

This week’s images are some of my favorites, from a family vacation to Cannon Beach, Oregon and the Columbia River. The fishing boat at dawn image was taken from the rear of the charter boat our group was on. We were leaving for a sturgeon charter from Ilwaco, Washington, in June 2011. We went with Sea Breeze Charters, wonderful family owned charter company. The charter boats are loaded up early morning, an hour before the crack of day.  As the sun rises, there’s a steady parade of charter fishing boats headed out to snag a fish or two.

Art PrintsSadly, our boat only caught one sturgeon, for eight fishermen. Happily, it was someone in our group!

Tim’s Sturgeon

That one vacation gave me lots of photo ops. I think that one summer is when I really started to understand the techniques and I was able to get some of my favorite landscape images.

Photography Prints Photography Prints

Go to the mouth of the Mighty Columbia River. It’s a magical place, and fun. Astoria, Oregon and historic Fort Stevens State Park (an Oregon State Park) is in the south, and Cape Disappointment State Park (a Washington State Park) behind the North Jetty. It is a fascinating historical area, where Lewis and Clark ended their journey west, where Native Americans have gathered for centuries, where hundreds of ships have sunk trying to cross the Columbia Bar to leave or enter the mouth of the river.

Art Prints

There are birds and other wildlife everywhere. brown pelicans, seagulls, osprey… everything.

Art Prints

Posing Osprey

The area is worth several trips… there is always something to explore and learn.

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Lines and Stairs

This is the remains of the stairs and grandstands of the Green Lake Aqua Theater. It was a venue used from 1950 to 1965 for Seafair Aqua Follies. Seafair is Seattle’s annual summer celebration, consisting of lots of smaller events. The stage and theater were found crumbling and dangerous after a 1969 Grateful Dead show, and mostly dismantled. Now I see people running the stairs for training; Green Lake Park is a popular area for runners and other outdoor exercise enthusiasts.

Art Prints

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Cannery Brewing

Erin Kohlenberg Photography:

My friend Rob has a new post on breweries in BC. Check out his BreweryTreks blog, for reviews of just about every brewery in the Pacific Northwest.

Originally posted on BreweryTreks:

The second brewery that my friend and I visited in Penticton, BC, instead of heading straight to the Skaha crags and climbing was Cannery Brewing, where we did the sampling thing and then bought more camp site and/or souvenir beer. I should be used to it by now, but it still surprises me, going from Washington to British Columbia, that production breweries north of the border can’t sell sampler flights or pints – they can fill growlers, sell bottles/cans to go, and give out free samples (about an ounce each), but that’s it. That’s why all my BC production brewery pictures are of their tap handles rather than some artfully posed (more or less) beer glass/taster tray. One thing I learned at Cannery is that it’s good to do the free samples with friends who have very specific tastes – most of the samples won’t be to their liking…

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Short Project: Cook’s Tools

The latest assignment for Project 52 was to photograph some cook’s tools. I took this as an opportunity to practice some product photography. My style is developing into a concentration on the details of whatever I’m photographing. I decided to do plain white backgrounds and then macro-style focus on a part of the tool.


used wood spoons





I learned a couple of lessons from this exercise. First, it’s not easy to get the white backgrounds white! I did a good amount of tweaking of the image settings to get the whites white, and matching each other.  Second, make sure the subjects are clean and smudge/lint free when doing macro photography. I have a lot of fur and dust in my house studio.

I liked how these turned out, and I wish I had a catalog to put them into.

2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 630 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 11 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Project 52 Assignment Catch Up

Project 52 was on a hiatus, as our instructor had a major medical emergency to deal with during August. Everything is well with our leader and he is back to assigning and critiquing.

The last image I shared here was Assignment 16. So, we’ll start with Assignment 17: Hands being used to create something.










My son loves to draw and sketch. This assignment was simple, and it was easy to get Max to sit and draw under the proper light.

The next assignment I was able to complete was an other “shoot to format” . This is a catalog page, to sell high-end items. My Fiestaware is quite photogenic.











This one was fun. Someday I’d like to actually do images for a catalog.

The last assignment to catch up was to create a “killer” About page photograph. We had to make it a portrait. My least favorite subject to photograph is me. I met my photo friend Brady at Green Lake and we messed around with a Lensbaby lens I rented from BorrowLenses.com. This image lives on my About page on my website and here on my blog.











I missed a few assignments due to life circumstances. OK, I moved and cleaned out my house, moved my older child to his own place, and took over his bedroom for my office/tabletop studio. It’s good to have space to work!

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Assign #16: Soft – Project 52 2013 PRO

For this assignment, we had to come up with something “soft” for a Point-Of-Purchase display for a new cosmetic line. Also, we had to supply a sketch of how we thought out the assignment. I set up the folded cloth and rose petals on a table, with a strobe in a softbox and additional scrim to soften the light as much as possible. I brightened it just a bit in Lightroom.