Walking Wet Dogs

Today was a wet and windy dog walking day at PAWS today.  PAWS had a busy holiday weekend adopting dogs, so there were not so many dogs to walk this morning.

Here’s a couple of my favorite walking subjects this morning:

Romeo is a sweet, laid back guy, he wants to be your buddy around the house. He is a Shar-Pei.

Romeo’s Information

Peabody is a small, active, confident little guy that looks and acts like a puppy, but he’s two, so past the puppy stage! He’s a Chihuahua mix, probably with a little miniature pinscher.

Peabody’s Information

I also brought home a foster cat. Conrad is a two-year old cat, with a bad kitty cold! He’s a big, black, medium-hair boy, very outgoing and friendly. He also has six toes on his front paws! I’ll keep him for two weeks, medicating him and getting him healthy so he is adoptable.

Thanks for reading! ~ Erin

Photo credits to PAWS staff and PetTango.

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