Occupy Seattle protest march, 10/08/2011

Campout Gearresting up.readingSignsIMGP2895Protesters waiting for the walk signal. Only in Seattle.
Anger!Protest is AmericanTeaching activism earlyprotest crowdFaces of ProtestEveryone up the hill
Everyone is affectedIMGP2930An original protest statement.Sign sittingIMGP2935Flags for different purposes.
It is about the futureEven some suits showed upLots of messageIMGP2958Protest MusicBanging the drum

On a whim, I went downtown with my friends Anne and Julia to see the Occupy Seattle protest march on Saturday evening. It was an interesting mix of alternative folks, regular folks, old, middle and young people.

Lots of signs had valid political points. The middle class is disappearing, income disparities are growing, young people just out of school are unable to find work; housing, health care and food costs are rising rapidly. I’m not sure what the Occupy Wall Street posts are trying to accomplish, but at least they get people discussing these issues.

These are interesting photos of the people who chose to come down and march. I liked that families and kids were right there as well.

Enjoy the photos and thanks for reading!


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